Wicker Park Art

Wicker Park is such a cute and fun part of Chicago. It has awesome shopping, thrift stores, and restaurants. I went last week and visited the cutest little sweets and coffee shop called Bake. If you’ve never been there you should go! They make everything in house and their motto is “fresh is always best”, they live by their motto. We even found out that their delicious Chai is made fresh in house from scratch. How Awesome!

We shopped and thrifted and enojyed the art of the town and the parks. Our trip ended at a yummy restaurant called Xcoco. I must say we had the best Ceviche and Tortas! Highly recommend. Check out some of the photos from our trip. I tried to capture more of the art of Wicker Park, I think they turned out pretty dang cool. We also spend some time in Humboldt Park. This park is a great place to go and relax or shoot some photos! Check out the photos from my photoshoot with Megan to see more of Humboldt Park.

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